What is a Lifecoach?

We are most familiar with the term coach from the field of sports. All great sports teams have a coach, from Pop Warner and Little League all the way up to the pros.  A coach is a trainer or instructor who provides specialized teaching. All sports teams have a head coach, and most have specialty coaches, such as the defensive line coach in American football. As players move up to the professional levels, most also hire a private coach to work with just them individually on very specific skills and goals. They still work with their team coaches, and their group coaches, and additionally pay a personal coach to help them achieve specific, strategic outcomes. Olympic athletes all have private, personal coaches to help them seek out and eliminate weaknesses and build skills that give them a competitive edge. CEOs of large corporations also have coaches, called career coaches, or life coaches that help them achieve strategic goals. Even coaches often have coaches.

A lifecoach works with professionals and individuals who want to take their business, finances, or health to the next level to achieve very specific objectives. If you are struggling in a particular area, a lifecoach can definitely help you see things objectively, set goals, and achieve the outcome you desire. But you don’t have to be struggling to benefit from what a lifecoach can offer.

A lifecoach is only interested in YOUR best interest. They aren’t concerned with your company, your business, your network, or your social circle. Their mission is to take YOU to the next level. Of course, when you grow, so does everything around you, like the ripples on water after the stone is cast.

What you pay a lifecoach for their services depends on their skills in the area you wish to improve. Lifecoaching isn’t a department store experience. It isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. You lifecoach should customize a plan specifically for you, after spending some time with you to determine what you want and need, and what you wish to change.

The bottom line is that if someone else has done it, there’s no reason why you can’t do it too. And even if its never been done before, with the right team behind you, anything is possible.  Keep dreaming. Keep living. And live the life of your dreams. If along the journey you want an extra edge, an advantage, a step up…hire a lifecoach!


I inspire and motivate others to believe in and pursue their dreams, to understand that failure is part of the process not a permanent condition, and to realize that anything you believe in is possible. I am creative, dependable, and full of life and energy. I will leave behind a legacy of inspiration by making a difference in every life I encounter through unconditional love. My life is a source of constant renewal, inspiration, and hope.

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