The Value of You

Today someone needs to look at you, really look at you, take a good hard look at you and realize how truly valuable, and amazing, you are. Someone needs to look beyond the makeup, the clothes, the hairstyle or lack thereof, and see the light deep within you, that shines brightest in your darkest hours. Image result for round eyeglasses

Someone needs to realize that you are beautiful inside, that you are worth buying flowers for, that you are worth making breakfast in bed for, that you are priceless. Someone needs to understand that you are complicated because of everything you’ve been through. It isn’t baggage. Those wrinkles and scars and stretchmarks are your badges of honor for surviving every single challenge that was thrown your way. Someone needs to get that the extra pounds you carry are hiding the brokenness, allowing you to survive. You have survived some pretty incredible stuff. You need a trophy, not judgement. Someone needs to forgive your little annoying habits, and feel how deeply and unconditionally you try to love everyone you encounter, even when it feels like you only get hatred and rejection in return. Someone needs to see you for your many talents, for the extra miles you’ve always walked, for the above and beyond you’ve poured into people who have used you and mistreated you time after time. Someone needs to decide to invest in you, rekindle that sparkle in your eyes, and make you realize that you truly do deserve the very best that life has to offer. And really there’s only one person on earth capable of loving you the way you truly deserve to be loved, only one who can make you feel appreciated, respected, and wanted, only one person on earth who absolutely gets exactly what it is you need, only one who can make that decision right now, and that is YOU!

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