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Build Your Dream Team

The popularity of dream teams and fantasy sports leagues is proof that people want the best life has to offer. Our goals and ambitions are never to be mediocre or ordinary. cubes that spell "dream team"We want to be #1, we want our team to be #1. To be successful, and achieve our goals, we have to be surrounded by a great team. Most people are well on their way to building a team that can help them make their dreams come true. For example, many women are loyal to their cosmetologists who regularly cut and style their hair, aestheticians who clean and groom their nails, and beauticians who select makeup and skin care products that complement their skin and tone. Most people have physicians such as dentists, doctors, and specialists who prescribe medications and treatments to assist with improving our physical health, and some have priests, preachers, or ministers to assist in improving our spiritual health. Some people also regularly visit psychiatrists or psychologists to improve their mental health. For those who are trying to succeed financially, they may have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a personal banker on their team. Some people may even have a lawyer on retainer to handle legal concerns. All of these are a great start to your personal dream team: the team that will help you make your dreams come true.

“Great ideas will have a much better chance at success when they are backed by a similarly great team” says Garrett Lauringson, Co-founder of GRAPPPLE. But how do we build our dream team, and who do we include. One mistake many people make is trying to surround themselves with people just like them. This can be a fatal mistake, because if everyone thought exactly like you, how would you come up with any new ideas? Quote by Walt Disney Creativity is inspired by people’s differences, not by likenesses necessarily. If you already know what you want out of life, what kinds of people can help you get there?  If you don’t already have a clear roadmap to success, what kinds of people can help you discover what you want, rather than pushing their ideas onto you?

To build your personal dream team, look for people who have the same values and morals as you, but who are strong in the areas where you are weakest. Author John Maxwell often shares his story about becoming successful, saying that it wasn’t until he let go of the things at which he didn’t excel or enjoy that he truly was free to be all that he could become. Your team should round you out. In the same way that you can’t have a winning football team full of only quarterbacks (no matter how awesome each may be), you can’t have a team of clones of yourself to be ultimately successful. Everyone has talent in some area. Find your area, and build your team with strong players in the areas where you are weaker.

Add people to your team who push you, encourage you, and promote you, rather than those who you need to push, encourage and promote constantly. The effort should be give and take, not all giving, and not all taking. If you are the strongest player on your team, you’ve outgrown your team. In the same way that sports teams regularly trade players, from time to time you may need to trade players too. Your team will be ever-evolving, not stagnant. Remember stagnation leads to death, not growth.

Former football coach Lou Holtz said, “You’ve got to have great athletes to win. You simply cannot win without good athletes, but you CAN lose with them. This is where coaching makes the difference.” And that is true both in football and in life. motivational quoteEnlist a lifecoach as part of your team, and use them to help you select team players that will take your dreams and make them come true. A lifecoach can help you discover what you value most, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what steps need to be taken next to advance your team to the goal. Don’t try to go it alone. Build a great team, surround yourself with great talent, and watch your dreams come true all around you.

3 Steps To Overcoming Smallness

There is a time and a place for nurturing the “little guy” inside of you,  and we all need that balance, that protection, and that sense of peace and comfort every day. We need to be able to come and go to that sanctuary of comfort and security, but we can’t succeed in living our dreams if we stay there in that place of smallness and never leave. little At times, all people feel stuck in their smallness, and struggle to overcome those feelings. What makes the difference between those who stay stuck, and those who rise to greatness? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple approach to rising up to our potential?  Turns out, there is.

The first step in overcoming smallness is advice you may have received from your mother growing up Continue reading 3 Steps To Overcoming Smallness