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Create Your Space

There is something extraordinary about having a space to call your own, a space that “speaks” to your spirit, that makes you happy, and sparks your creativity. We all want to have a space that’s “ours.”

photo of arborA great example of how early in life we desire a place of our own is in the story of a mother who was washing dishes and realized she hadn’t heard her toddler playing lately. She dried her hands and headed toward the play area to check on her little girl. The toddler was nowhere to be found. Frantically the mother started searching the house, and then the yard, calling the little girl’s name. She called the neighbors, and then her husband at work, and then the police in a panic. A police dog, enlisted in the search, kept barking at the hall closet near the front door to the house, and the police began to be suspicious that there were Continue reading Create Your Space