Our Mission

Lighthouse Innovations LLC is all about you and this website and blog were created to be a free resource to you as you partner with a lifecoach and finally make all your dreams come true. Yes, you can reach your goals, and we want to be there at the finish line, celebrating with you.

Our mission is to inspire and motivate you to believe in and pursue your dreams, realizing that anything is possible. We can help you get “unstuck” and start moving forward again, providing you with action steps and accountability.

Every professional athlete has both a team coach and a personal development coach, called a lifecoach who assists them in reaching their personal, and sometimes professional goals. Most corporate executives and millionaires also have personal lifecoaches, but the costs of hiring a lifecoach have historically just been out of reach of most people. Our goal is to make lifecoaching affordable for you. If you have a goal you have failed to reach, we can help you reach it.

Scientific and medical research happens every day, and there are so many new discoveries that are daily being made available to the public on every subject you can imagine. These discoveries are lifechanging, or could be, but the average person just doesn’t have time to sit for hours on end every day reading the journals, articles, publications, and press releases on all these incredible discoveries. That’s where we come in. We glean the research that can work for you, based on your goals and ambitions, and teach you how to implement actions that produce tangible results that truly change your life.

You don’t have to accept the status quo or live a mediocre life. If you aren’t living your fullest potential, what’s holding you back? Change your world, starting with you, starting today!